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Do you want to connect your service to the new world?

We connect all different systems of transport operators from all over the world. All the prices and tickets in just one app. Our system is agnostic, that means that we connect with your system, so the validation process in Tranzer is totally integrated in your validation process.

Plug & Play

Connecting to Tranzer is straightforward and hassle free for transport operators and mobility providers. Whether your operations work with visual tickets, 2DBarcode or even EMV or NFC, Tranzer will adapt to your existing systems, not the other way around. This way you will have more time to concentrate on your core business!

Mobility as a Service ready

Our mission is to become one of the world’s leading MaaS platforms and we are well on our way. Connect your service through our platform and we’ll make sure mobility will become easily accessible for everyone. Through our platform, your service will also be accessible through the apps of our partners, without the hassle of contracts and tedious technical implementations.

New customers

Tranzer’s main target groups are tourists and infrequent customers, who normally drive their own car or take a taxi. Needless to say, these groups are particularly hard to reach. The main advantage for the transport operators and mobility providers connected to our platform is reaching customers from all around the globe. This makes it particularly interesting for transport operators and mobility providers to join!


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