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Product Terms and Conditions

Modified on 2021-07-21

Tranzer B.V registered in the Trade Register of the Netherlands under the number 69169578 with its registered office at Stationsplein 61, 3818 LE in Amersfoort, The Netherlands, acting as a distributor of electronic money of Treezor, in accordance with articles L. 525-8 and seq. of the French Monetary and Financial Code

1. General

Mobility Pass, a product of Tranzer, enables users to pay for their mobility related expenses seamlessly, under one mobility account, and utilize contactless payments where available.The Mobility Pass is accessed via the Tranzer application and related backend services. When signing up, you must complete the registration process including any regulatory requirements, and then you are granted a personal virtual wallet for storing currency used to pay for mobility services. This wallet is associated with a payment card, accessible via the mobile phone wallet and Tranzer application.

With the Tranzer Mobility Pass, you can open up access to gated transit systems compatible with contactless EMV payments, seamlessly and effortlessly, using Apple Pay.

2. To get to know you

We are legally required to get to know you before we can create a virtual card for you. That’s why we ask you for your personal details and documents during our registration process. Please complete the registration process truthfully. You can find more information about the process on bunq Together. You are eligible for a Mobility Pass account if:

  • You are resident in the European Economic Area.
  • You are over 18 or you have approval from your legal representative if you are a minor.
  • You have truthfully completed the registration process and have provided us with all the information (incl. documents) we have requested.
  • You are not on any sanction lists and have not been formally accused of, arrested for or convicted of a serious crime such as financial crime, terrorism, corruption, tax violation, trafficking, organized crime or any other similar activity.
  • We did not previously close or block your Tranzer account for any reason.
  • Must have a valid payment method (card, iDEAL, SEPA Direct Debit)

3. Fair use policy

  • You need to be Compliant with anti money laundering policies valid at the time
  • Not for politically exposed persons or those under embargo
  • Money used must be their own
  • Meant to pay for their own transportation
  • Maximum allowed amount of money used per month is 150 EUR under the anonymous card program
  • In order to exceed 150 EUR monthly, user must complete KYC checks

4. Termination

  • Tranzer may terminate your agreement immediately for breaches of the fair use policy or other activity that is not compliant with regulations
  • Tranzer may be mandated to temporarily or permanently block user’s wallet, card, if a regulator deems their use of the service noncompliant
  • If user’s account is closed, we will return the money in some form unless otherwise advised by regulator or rightful holder of the money

5. Payments

  • User commits to paying the fees posted as part of sign-up or actions taken in the service.
  • If using direct debit, iDEAL payments, the user commits that their account has enough balance for fulfilling the action taken in the service

If a payment from user’s account fails, Tranzer reserves the right to immediately suspend or close the user’s account, and retry the payment at a later time

6. Mobile wallet

We will automatically add a virtual Tranzer Mobility Payment card to your Tranzer account after you agreed with the Terms&Conditions in the app and completed the sign-up flow. You can add this card to your Mobile Wallet via the app.

Once you have added a card to your Mobile Wallet, you will be able to use your device as if it were a contactless card whenever you see the contactless/NFC sign or the logo of the Mobile Wallet provider. The card you linked will be debited and the transaction will show up in your overview just like any other transaction.

When you use your Mobile Wallet, you will be subject to the Mobile Wallet provider’s terms and conditions (including their privacy policy). In addition, there may be third party’s terms and conditions and privacy policy applicable to you. It is your own responsibility to read them and to comply with them.

6.1 Some simple rules
Please use only your own card(s) with your Mobile Wallet and do not conduct any activities that could be considered misusage, illegal or could damage our good name/reputation.

6.2 To keep in mind
Please be aware that some contactless terminals may let you make payments above your contactless limit. Within your Mobile Wallet, you can view your most recent transactions of your Mobile Wallet card(s). If you would no longer like to use your Mobile Wallet, you can simply remove your card(s) from your Mobile Wallet.  Please make sure that there is no money left on your card. Make sure to delete all of your information in your Mobile Wallet when you change or swap devices.

6.3 What does it cost? 
For pricing information in your region, check the Tranzer Mobility Pass pricing at  (?)
Additionally, please be aware that some third parties might charge you in relation to your use of Mobile Wallet card(s).

6.4 Privacy
When you add your card to your Mobile Wallet, we may exchange information with the Mobile Wallet provider to verify your identity, check your eligibility, and to prevent the possibility of fraud. In order to use the Mobile Wallet services and successfully perform Mobile Wallet payments through Tranzer, we could be required to share data about you and your transactions with the Mobile Wallet provider. Based on the Mobile Wallet provider’s rules we are required to share anonymized information relating to your transactions with the Mobile Wallet to enable them to improve their payment service. From time to time, we may contact you about the Mobile Wallet providers via different communication channels. This might include sending you marketing messages. It is possible to delete your account and end the use of the services of the Mobile Wallet provider. The most up to date instructions on how to do this can be found on the Mobile Wallet provider’s support website.

6.5 Changes and termination
We (and the Mobile Wallet provider) may block, restrict, suspend or terminate the use of your card(s) via your Mobile Wallet if you breach your agreements with us or any other relevant agreements (such as the Mobile Wallet terms and conditions). We do not operate the Mobile Wallet platform and have no control over its operations. The Mobile Wallet provider is fully responsible for the platform and may change, restrict, suspend or terminate the platform at any time. This means we don’t take any responsibility or liability with regard to your Mobile Wallet and your use of the platform. We reserve the right to revise these terms and conditions at any time in accordance with your account terms. We furthermore reserve the right to implement limits on the use of your Mobile Wallet and to stop offering or supporting your (virtual) card, or to stop participating in your Mobile Wallet at any time.

6.6 Third Parties
To deliver our service of the Tranzer Mobility Payment card we also make use of services provided by third parties. The parties we use and we share your data with are:

  • Our financial Service partner Treezor, which privacy policy applies
  • MessageBird, Trompenburgstraat 2C, 1079 TX Amsterdam, The Netherlands to validate your phone number.

To offer you Apple Pay, we use the services of Apple Inc (One Apple Park Way, Cupertino, CA 95014, United States). When choosing to use these services, please take into account the separate conditions regarding the use of personal data.

7. Tranzer is a registered agent / distributor of Treezor:

Tranzer B.V registered in the Trade Register of 69169578 under the number NL857764573B01 with its registered office at Stationsplein 61, 3818 LE in Amersfoort, The Netherlands acting as a distributor of electronic money of Treezor, in accordance with articles L. 525-8 and seq. of the French Monetary and Financial Code.

When you’re using the Tranzer mobility pass, the Terms and Conditions of Treezor will apply.

8. Support

Do you want to ask a question, do you have a complaint or do you want to give a compliment? Please use the Help function in the Tranzer app for personal matters or if you want to make a complaint. If you’re not able to use the help function, you can also reach us via email at

9. Liability 

We are not liable for damages or losses caused by:

  • interruptions of our services;
  • fulfilling our statutory duties or other mandatory rules;
  • blocking your account (e.g in case we suspect you breached these terms & conditions);
  • abnormal and unforeseen circumstances (e.g. natural disasters).

We are liable in case damages are caused by our intended or gross negligence, but only accept liability for direct losses or damages and will never cover indirect losses or damages (such as missed profits). Nothing in this agreement limits our liability for damages to life, body and health.

10. Privacy

We need personal information from you to provide our services to you. If you want to know which data we collect and what we do with it, please read our Privacy Statement

11. Security

To keep your money and your account safe, we need to work together, here’s how. Please take adequate measures and use best efforts to prevent unauthorized access/use of your account and the information you collect via our services. To help you keep your account secure, we have made some safety guidelines, stated below are the most important ones you need to follow at all times:

  • keep your login codes and other security features strictly to yourself, do not share them with anyone else and never use them anywhere but in our official apps;
  • make sure that your cards are not used by anyone else but you;
  • make sure all your devices are properly protected (set at least one form of  access protection, for example a login code);
  • use the latest versions of our apps and keep the operating systems of your devices clean (no illegal software) and up-to-date;
  • always immediately report irregularities and follow our instructions.
  • when using Mobility Pass as the express travel card feature in Apple Pay, note that the Mobility Pass can be charged by a point of sale without additional authentication.

We will never ask you for your login codes or other security features. If you receive any communication from us that you do not (completely) trust, please contact us via the support chat immediately. If you receive any communication from a suspicious phone number or email address claiming to be from us, please do not click on any links or provide any personal information or your bunq credentials via such links and immediately report it to us.

Because of the applicable laws and regulations, we need to know who uses our services. This means we need to identify you when you open your account and that your account is personal, so please only use it (for) yourself. You may authorise another person to use your account on your behalf. However, please do not allow another person to use your account on his/her or someone else’s behalf. Please remember that you remain responsible for any (unlawful) use of your account if you do so.

12. Applicable law 

This agreement shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Netherlands. Notwithstanding the above, mandatory consumer protection laws of your country of residence will remain valid/applicable. Any dispute, controversy or claim shall be resolved exclusively by the relevant courts in Amersfoort (the Netherlands) or by a court at your place of residence.

13. Closing your Mobility Pass account 

You have the possibility to close your Mobility Pass account. Before you delete your Mobility pass from your wallet, please check if there is money left on your account. If you want to close your account you can easily send an email to , providing us with your IBAN so we can transfer your outstanding amount. Note that there may be fees related to the transfer of funds. In some cases, we may want to terminate the agreement from our side. For example, in case we would stop offering Tranzer Mobility Pass. We can terminate with two months’ notice. In some situations, we may want to immediately block your access to Mobility Pass and/or terminate the agreement. We can do so in case:

a) you do not comply with these terms and conditions and any related documents;
b) we are required to do so by law;
c) you become, or we suspect you might become, insolvent or the subject of any insolvency proceedings;
d) you are (no longer) authorized to manage your accounts independently, for instance when you are legally disqualified, under administration, or when you no longer have the legal capability to act for any other reason;
e) you pass away;
f) you have provided us with false information, did not keep us up-to-date or have failed to cooperate in our investigations in which you’re involved;
g) we know or suspect that you use (or have used) our services for fraudulent or illegal activities, tax evasion, activities contrary to public order and/or morals or any other misuse;
h) we have reasons to believe that you’ve let someone else access and use your account;
i) you’re in breach of any other agreement you have with us;
j) our research has indicated that your risk profile has changed;
k) you are no longer a resident of a member state of the European Economic Area; or
l) we have reason to believe that you use your account for commercial purposes.

We can terminate the agreement without any liability or obligations to you. In case the agreement (for whatever reason) ends, all rights and licenses granted to you by us will cease immediately, and your access to our app will be blocked.

The moment the agreement is terminated, all your debts to us become due instantly. This means that you will have to pay your total debt to us immediately. We may hold your funds after the closure of your account to cover any debts to us, payments that you approved before your account was closed or legitimate claims and rights of third parties.