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Apple pay

Betaal in een handomdraai met de apparaten die u dagelijks bij u heeft. Met behulp van een iPhone of Apple Watch betaalt u overal waar contactloos betalen beschikbaar is, bijvoorbeeld bij tankstations of parkeergarages. Een fysieke mobiliteitskaart en pincode zijn niet langer nodig. Dit maakt Apple Pay tot een ideaal betaalmiddel.

  • Veilig – Betalen is net zo veilig als met de creditcard
  • Heel snel – Contactloos betalen
  • Gemakkelijk betalen – Met mobiel of smartwatch
  • innovatief – Klaar voor de toekomst

frequently asked questions


Always make sure to use your KLM email adres in the Tranzer app. Your JAS subscription will only work with your KLM e-mail address. If you login with an other e-mail address Tranzer won’t refund tickets.

  • When you board the bus, open the JAS ticket with the QR code in your Tranzer app.
  • You scan the QR code under the device at the entry doors. Hold the QR code under the red light and scan the barcode. After you scanned your code you have a valid ticket.
  • During the ride you can still be checked by employees of Connexxion. If asked, show your activated JAS ticket in your smartphone.
  • When you leave the bus, scan the JAS ticket in the same way.
  • Are you traveling by Connexxion bus outside the Schiphol area? You can then buy a separate ticket for your additional route in Tranzer, or check in with an OV chip card.

Due to technical issues an error may occur during check-in or check-out. This will have no consequences for you at this moment.



Your JAS subscription in Tranzer works in combination with your KLM email address. There are two ways to cancel your JAS subscription in Tranzer:

1. You can submit a request to delete your account via We will delete your account and send you a confirmation.
2. You can change your email address to your own private email in the Tranzer ap. The JAS subscription will automatically stop and you can still use Tranzer. 

The JAS subscription is only valid on Connexxion buses. Please note, from 1 April 2021 there will be also Arriva Touring buses in addition to Connexxion buses on the airside of Schiphol. These buses run between Plaza and P30 / P40. Arriva and Connexxion are two different carriers. The JAS subscription is only valid on Connexxion buses and not on Arriva Touring buses.
So if you accidentally boarded an Arriva bus, the barcode of your JAS subscription will not work. This can therefore be a reason why you are not getting your barcode scanned. Arriva and Connexxion buses are quite similar. So make sure that you get on the right bus with your JAS subscription!



You can use Tranzer to buy public transport tickets “on the go”. Once you have downloaded the app and set up an account, you can use Tranzer to plan, book and buy tickets for the train, metro, tram and bus. The ticket is delivered straight to your phone, so you can travel fast and easy. We have also on-demand services available such as shared cars, shared bikes, steps and parking. You can check the map on your homescreen to find these services.

In the Netherlands, you can travel with:

  • All trains in the Netherlands
  • All Arriva busses
  • All Connexxion, Breng, Bravo and Hermes busses
  • All RET busses, metro, fast ferry and tram (including BOB-bus)
  • All GVB bus, tram and metro lines (excluding night bus)
  • All EBS busses
  • All UOV buses and tram
  • All services from Waterbus
  • Taxi services
  • Keolis Allgo
  • Flick Bikes
  • Parking locations from ParkBee
  • Shared Cars from Amber

Outside The Netherlands:

  • All international trains in Europe
  • All De Lijn services in Belgium
  • All NMBS services in Belgium
  • All SNCF services in France
  • All services from Swiss pass/SBB
  • All Deutsche Bahn services in Germany
  • All services from VBN (Verkehrsverbund Bremen/Niedersachsen) and VRR (Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr)
  • All Italo services in Italy
  • Bird electric scooters

We are constantly working to roll out Tranzer to new transport operators and agencies, so please check this list regularly. Let us know by email ( if you would like to request that Tranzer expand into your area! We are always open to suggestions and happy to help

To use Tranzer, all you need to do is download the app and set up an account. You can then enter your destination, review the public transport options identified by Tranzer, and select the travel plan that best suits your needs. Tickets are bought within the Tranzer app, which you can then use to travel from your smartphone. Simply present your ticket at a gate or scanner, to the driver, conductor or security agent of the transport operator or agency when requested.

On the home screen of the app, you will also find purple icons with a P and blue icons with a car symbol on the map. The blue icons indicate a hub with shared cars and the purple icons show parking spaces that you can book via the app. Tapping on the symbol opens the menu for the service.

Besides the fact that the ticket appears in the Tranzer app, you will also receive a ticket / delivery confirmation by email. You can therefore use this email message to declare the costs afterwards.
It is also possible to receive your travel history. To do so, go to “Your trips”. You can send a PDF attachment to your email address via the menu dots on the right.

The mobile ticket for train trips is personal, so it is only valid in combination with a valid proof of identity. Your first and last name on the ticket must be the same as displayed on your ID. Read more about this in the e-ticket terms and conditions. The on-demand services such as parking and shared cars are for personal use only.

Are you having problems with the app, despite all our efforts to streamline the process? Let us know via We will help you as soon as possible

pricing & payments

All payments are managed via the app, using your preferred method of payment and in your preferred currency. When setting up your account, make sure to select the payment method you prefer. Tranzer currently supports payment by iDeal and credit card. When paying by credit card, you can save your credit card details during your first payment, it will be automatically remembered for the next time.

When using a shared car, shared bike, E-scooter or a parking space, you can only use the credit card payment option. A reservation is made and it is settled afterwards.

In case of a technical error in the Tranzer app, you can submit a request for a refund of the travel sum to Tranzer.
In case of a delay with the transport operator, the conditions of the relevant transport operator apply. Please check the Terms and conditions of the carrier.
In case of an mistake in your order, such as a wrong route, date or time the costs are not reimbursed by Tranzer. These costs are for your own account.

No, the carrier’s conditions of carriage apply and the ticket will not be refunded if the gates do not open. In this case, contact an employee of the company and ask for help. Most train stations have a blue info point where you can ask for help.

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to use discount products or subscriptions to travel. Tranzer makes travel easier and more convenient for occasional travellers who do not have a public transport chip card. In our app, you can purchase and pay for full-price tickets for a one-way trip. On the home screen of the app, there is a button at the top where you can find special tickets such as day passes. The offer depends on your location.

In case of a delay with the transport operator, the conditions of the relevant transport operator apply and you can contact the transport operator.


After you have paid for your ticket in the app, your ticket appears on your home screen and you can start travelling immediately. You can find the ticket at ‘your trips’ in the home screen of the app. It is also possible to save tickets with a QR code in your wallet if you use an Iphone, you will find this option at the bottom of the ticket.

Yes, Tranzer allows you to buy tickets for any number of journeys and people. Please note: tickets are for personal use. If you buy a ticket for someone else, always enter the age of the passenger. For the purchase of some tickets we ask for additional information such as first, sure name and telephone number. This may differ per operator.

Yes that is possible. When you are planning a journey, you can indicate at the bottom of the app with how many people you want to travel, here you can indicate whether children are participating in the journey. You will get the discount automatically. Sometimes there are also special day tickets for sale. When you open the app, you will see a button for this at the top; the offer depends on your location.

Yes, you can buy tickets a few days before your trip. Make sure to enter the right time and date when planning your trip. Depending on the operator and the location where you are going to travel, you buy a ticket for a trip or an hour ticket. For the train, the ticket, including the barcode, will become visible on the day of the planned journey. Tickets for metro, tram and bus are valid 15 minutes before the start of your planned journey.

You can only use a Flex ticket with a working internet connection, both before and during your trip.

It is possible to cancel the ticket up to 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time of your train/bus/metro.

You can cancel the ticket by selecting the trip under ‘Your trips’ and going to the three dots at the top right of the screen.

Do you decide to cancel the trip? You will receive the travel costs and service costs back within three days via the payment method used.

The extra costs for buying a Flex ticket will not be refunded.”

On the home screen of the app, you will also find purple icons with a P and blue icons with a car symbol on the map. The blue icons indicate a hub with shared cars and the purple icons show parking spaces that you can book via the app. Tapping on the symbol opens the menu for the service.


Are you having problems with the app, despite all our efforts to streamline the process? Let us know via We will help you as soon as possible.

In the Tranzer Terms of Use you will find the terms of use of the carriers that apply.

Mobility Pass

3DS (also known as ‘Mastercard SecureCode’, ‘Identity Check’ and ‘Verified by Visa’) is a
standard which helps to reduce fraud and provide extra security to your online payments.
Authentication is the process by which you identify yourself by sharing secure information
that is available only to you. 3DS 2.0 is the latest version and provides a much smoother and
safer process for you to authenticate your payments.

Authentication provides an additional layer of security for online transactions, making it
harder for fraudsters to gain access to your payment details.

Yes, your card has been enrolled in Mastercard SecureCode (3DS) so that wherever you see
the Mastercard SecureCode logo online, your card number will automatically be recognised
during checkout. Your card provider is contacted during checkout to confirm your identity as
the genuine cardholder.

You will receive a 6-digit One Time Password (OTP) for each online purchase you make at
participating merchants. The OTP will be sent by SMS or by email to the mobile phone or
email address which you have registered with your card provider. Simply key in the OTP on
the authentication page displayed and press the ‘Submit’ button. The OTP will then be
verified by your card provider and the transaction will be approved or declined.

The partially masked mobile number and email address will be displayed on the
authentication page so that you can check that those details are correct. If the mobile
number and email address are incorrect, cancel the transaction and either update your
information on the portal or contact Customer Services

If you ever suspect that a fraudulent purchase has been made using your card, contact
Customer Services immediately.

Any other questions?

For answers to all your questions, please send an e-mail to

Terms of Use