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New partnership!

We are happy to announce that 9292 REISinformatiegroep bv has integrated the Tranzer ticketing API into their app. To meet the demand of their users it is now possible to purchase train, bus, tram and metro tickets directly.

9292 is the leading platform in providing travel information and the most widely used public transport travel planner in the Netherlands. 9292 has millions of users and provided approximately 3.5 million travel advices per day in 2019.

From December 2020 onwards it is also possible to buy a ticket within the app. By making e-tickets available, 9292 meets the demand of the users by providing up-to-date travel advice plus a ticket for the entire journey via one app. 9292 has integrated Tranzer’s e-ticketing into the app; this means that travelers don’t have to use another platform or ticket machine to buy a ticket. From now on tickets can therefore be easily purchased via a smartphone.

Joining the forces of 9292 and Tranzer makes it easy for travelers to plan, book and pay for a trip. 9292 has a large number of users and the co-creation with Tranzer gives all travelers access to additional services. The aim is to allow comparison, payment, and travel for all carriers, everywhere. 

Travelers still use the trusted 9292 app in which the extra functionalities have been added. Besides planning a trip, it is also possible to buy e-tickets for public transport.

The integration allows other transport options such as taxi, shared bicycles and shared scooters to be easily added to 9292’s travel advice in the near future.

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