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Accommodation Platforms

Help your travelers to take local public transportation and experience their destination.

One transaction, several means of transportation

Tranzer can help you develop your sustainability strategy by encouraging your guests to take public transportation and experience their destination like a local.​

How it works

One contract and one integration for all the public transportation in Europe, including long-distance trains, metros, buses, trams, etc. Tranzer takes care of all the technical and commercial complexity. We offer you the possibility to bundle mobility services provided by us to create new customer services.

3 reasons to integrate the Tranzer API

Increase your customers’ length of stay in key cities in Europe
Make sure your guests are visiting your app several times a day by offering single tickets or day tickets

- Show to your guests the fastest, cheapest or more sustainable way to the top attractions of the city your guests are staying
- Improve your guests mobility: plan, book and pay their day tickets or single tickets
- Increase app stickiness: Make your guests using the app during their whole trip
Reinforce your sustainable travel strategy
By offering local public transportation tickets (long distance trains, metro, trams…)

- Display the CO2 emission to encourage your guests to take local public transport in key cities in Europe
- Your guests can choose between different modes of transportation to enjoy their stay and move around easily
- Make sustainable travel easier and attract more guests by offering them local public transportation tickets
Become the first door to door accommodation and travel platform
- Offer local public transportation tickets for the first and last miles (home to airport, airport to hotel…)
- Even during their stay to bring your guests to their meetings, lunch/dinner or to discover the top attractions of the city
- Increase your customers' loyalty by guiding them through their journey!
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Why integrate our mobility solution?

Simply and easy to connect

Create stickiness for your customer

Accelerate customer development

Add a revenue model

We enable European door-to-door mobility

Tranzer connects and combines all public transport operators in Europe. Any platform or app can integrate the Tranzer technology to add plan, book and pay for public transport to their service. We are constantly adding operators and growing our offer.