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How the Car Market is shaping Intelligent Driving & Seamless Mobility

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Autonomous driving, electronic cars, digital integration – the future of mobility is exciting. Some of the leading mobility companies in the world just showcased their upcoming innovations at the German IAA, which was held in Munich for the first time this year. And not only the big players introduced their innovations, there was also a variety of start-ups presenting interesting solutions for the mobility sector. Tranzer had many interesting conversations about industry developments and here we give you a quick recap of most important topics discussed.

Full focus on E-Mobility

Petrol engines are part of the past and E-Mobility is clearly the way to go; that was the bottom line of this year’s IAA Mobility Exhibition. According to companies like Audi, BMW, or Hyundai, the main focus in future mobility will be on environmentally friendly transportation. A clear sign in this direction was given by the city of Munich with their so called ‘Blue Lane‘, which led from the IAA to the city centre, and was only accessible by electric powered cars.

For e-mobility to really take over, strong infrastructure is needed so owners of such cars can charge them at any place and time. Several companies, like Mercedes Benz, are willing to participate in the creation of such infrastructure since it’s key in having customers change from a traditional combustion engine to electric alternatives. 

Volkswagen introduced a home charging solution for e-cars along with their electric ID product-line, which will feature options to connect your personal device to the car in an innovative way.

The Korean car manufacturer Hyundai announced to only sell electric cars worldwide by 2040 (in Europe by 2035) in order to achieve carbon neutrality for the whole company by 2045. The company is also planning to make parts of their electric cars reusable which would benefit the environmental aspect even more.

City of Munich, where IAA 2021 took place

Autonomous driving brings the living room into your car

Those who no longer have to drive themselves can sit back and relax, watch a film or even play games in the car while not having to focus on traffic. All of this will be possible in the near future.

The “Grandsphere” concept car by Audi doesn’t even need a steering wheel anymore and thus turns the car truly into an autonomous entertainment platform.

Another self-driving car, the so called “Robotaxi” was introduced by Mobileye who are planning to create an autonomous transport solution for anyone who has a smartphone. By downloading their app “moovit” you will be able to order yourself such a Robotaxi in a matter of minutes.

Hyundai also built an autonomous vehicle, the Hyundai Ioniq 5, in cooperation with Motional, a company which develops solutions for autonomous cars. In order to bring the experience to customers, Motional is working with the US transportation service Lyft who are planning to transport people in self-driving cars by early 2023.

Sustainable solutions for individual inner-city transport

Since space gets rarer and rarer in the big cities, another exciting project was published by a start-up called City Transformer from Israel who invented a foldable car for one to two persons. It’s perfectly suited for inner city transport since it only uses about a third of the usual space required to park a car, and of course – it’s electric too. 

Also, the “Microlino”, another small electric vehicle for up to two people, made by a Swiss start-up was showcased at the IAA and is likely to compete for inner city transportation too.

For the first time in IAA history, bikes were part of the exhibition. Even though they were kept a little offside, it’s another step in the direction of low-emission city transport.

All in all, the industry is moving towards electromobility and sustainable solutions in the mobility sector and one can be excited for the next big things to come.

Sustainable, fast and comfortable mobility through Tranzer

This is very much in line with Tranzer’s vision to enrich any app or service with a plethora of mobility services.

Imagine a world where your car’s nav sat does not send you into the next time-consuming traffic jam before you circle the block 5 times searching for a parking spot.

Instead, when you enter your car in your garage, it directly tells you that the city centre is really crowded and routes you to a parking lot on the outskirts instead. You agree to take public transit for moving inside the city, and your car’s infotainment system chooses the right ticket for you so you can download it directly into the connected app automatically.

Tranzer makes this possible for any automotive platform. With our mobility offer throughout Europe, seamless mobility – in and out of the car- is possible for any driver.

If you are interested in connecting to our platform then please get in touch with us at or on LinkedIn.

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