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Tranzer’s Green Movement to Change the Industry

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Tranzer is stirring up (a) green movement in the transportation sector. A change that’s very much needed. Over the past twenty years, the industry has been the biggest pushing factor for energy demand. Road transportation alone has been estimated to cause health costs adding up to around 80 million a year and is heavily dependent on fossil fuels. On top of that, air pollution has been registered as the fifth global mortality risk, and is estimated to have caused between 4 to 9 million premature deaths per year world-wide.

Shifting the Sector

Although it is evident that a shift needs to be made in the transportation industry, change is not always easy. There is a complex dynamic between producer, retailer, and consumer when it comes to environmental responsibility. At Tranzer, we are aiming to deduce these complexities within the sector by unifying sustainable travelling options and providing transparency, allowing for informed travel choices. 

Green travel

A recent study from showed that more than half of travelers want to use greener options for their future travel plans. Nearly 70 percent of the respondents believed that these options will be provided to them by the travel industry. Unfortunately, the reality is that often it’s still easier to travel by a private car or jump on a flight, than to use trains or shared scooters. Especially if different modes of transport need to be combined. 

This is due to the highly fragmented travel industry. In Europe alone, there are 1.2 million public and private transportation companies operating alongside each other. With so many different operators, the task of The European Commission to establish a Single European Transport Area (SETA) proves a difficult one. 

And this SETA might just be what we need in order to reach SDG 11. This Sustainable Development Goal set by the United Nations aims for green transportation to make cities more sustainable. To achieve this, the World Bank argues that public transportation will be key. We, at Tranzer also see the huge role public transportation will play in this, but we do believe public transit options need to be made easier first.

Green made easy

Cause looking at our current travel habits, can we say that much has changed over the last few years? After one and half years, we finally were able to travel again this summer. Many of us visited cities all over Europe or chose even further destinations. But did we change much? When visiting our favourite destinations, have we jumped on any local trains or busses to tour around the cities? Or did we prefer to take our petrol cars or call for a taxi?

It is not without reason that many people are returning to old ways of travelling now that things are opening up again. Often, the easiest way to get somewhere is far from the greenest way. And this needs to change, especially if what the World Bank says about Public Transport will be true. Only if the mobility industry becomes more transparent and unified, services will work better together and can lead to a shift in customer behaviour.

PT offering green options

Tranzer is changing the game

That is why Tranzer is changing the game for public transport and beyond. Easy & green travel should and can go hand in hand. By aggregating the entire transportation industry step by step, focusing on sustainable city flow, Tranzer is pushing (a) green movement. The best part is that we are taking care of all the technical, commercial, legal, and financial aspects of providing platforms with e-ticketing for seamless and sustainable transport. We make all travel options transparent, clear, and convenient, and we can work with any platform. 

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Together, we can change the way we travel. If you are a platform that’s serious about their CSR efforts and interested in joining our green movement, get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you! Together we can look at ways you can give your customers green mobility options and create stickiness amongst your customers. Connect with us on our socials or drop us a message at

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