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French railway tickets now sold through Tranzer

Tickets from the French national rail service SNCF, including France’s rail and high-speed network are now available in the Tranzer portofolio. 

Tranzer offers SNCF tickets for faster, easier and cleaner mobility across France. We enable customers to organize, book and manage day-to-day trips as well as long-distance trips and combine various different types of tickets for one journey. 

“Offering access to the rail network in the whole of France is a big step for Tranzer on our mission to enable users to buy tickets for sustainable mobility anywhere, anytime on their mobile phone. SNCF has a highly extensive rail network, including the TGV high speed trains connecting the important geographic areas and cities. Distances can be easily bridged by the daily offer of 15.000 commercial trains run by SNCF. It’s a great addition to our current Tranzer offer in other parts of Europe”,  adds the Country Director France at Tranzer, Lorcan LEPEN. 

As of now, full price single trip tickets for rail connections within France are available through Tranzer, discounted tickets and a wider range of products are coming soon.

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