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Finance and HR

Your customers will use your app more often when you add access to sustainable mobility. Moreover, paying public transport tickets with one-click-payment will provide a unique benefit.

One platform,
One invoice,
Endless mobility options for your emloyees

How it works

Tranzer’s vision is to make sustainable mobility accessible and easily manageable for any organisation. One contract and one integration for all the public transportation in Europe, including long-distance trains, metros, buses, trams, etc. Tranzer takes care of all the technical and commercial complexity. 

Tranzer for organisations

Are you looking for a mobility solution for your organisation? By directly connecting to Tranzer, you can offer your employees all kinds of green travel options, from international trains to shared scooters. 

Tranzer offers digital tickets only, so you don’t have to arrange (local) physical cards for public transport or make use of tons of apps for your employees. They simply open your company app or website where they can plan their journey and directly get the tickets on their phone. 

Tranzer for B2B platforms

For B2B platforms such as HR, expense management, or other business support services, Tranzer can help you to give more value to your clients. 

Intermodal travel has seriously picked up over the past years and is expected to become an integrated part of business travel policy of any company.  

Integrating to Tranzer allows you to easily offer mobility as a service to companies connected to your platform.

3 possible scenarios for integrating Mobility for Finance & HR

Integrate Tranzer’s Mobility API in your online Banking App (B2B and B2C)
With the implementation of PSD2 people can easily use apps of other banks or fintechs to manage their bank accounts. By offering mobility in your banking app, your app will be used more frequently. It will convince your bank’s customers to keep or place your banking app on the home screen of their phone. Moreover, it will protect the bank from having customers using apps of other banks. This will keep or make your banking app more relevant.

Bank app users can make use of public transport with a ‘one-click-payment’, which is the experience customers prefer. Also the costs for the customer will be lower, since there are no PSP costs.
Business Travel:
Usage of more and cheaper public transport with easy expense claims
Many business travelers use taxis and Uber, because they are used to it and it is easy to claim expenses. Even though in many cities public transport is faster, more convenient and a lot cheaper.

With Tranzer integrated in your business travel or expense claim app (business) travelers can buy their tickets to/and from airport /train station and to the front door of their final destination. No more hassle with paper tickets, and all trips are automatically sent to bookkeeping.
Sustainability and less car ownership needs different business travel
Millennials possess fewer cars and make their choices for their means of transport in a different way than older generations. Also for business travel they prefer more sustainable ways to travel instead of polluting airplanes and cars. Moreover, governments impose regulations to decrease the CO2 emissions per employee.

The Tranzer API provides many different ticketing options for sustainable long distance, high speed and international trains. Moreover, for every trip the CO2 emission per kilometer is shared and this is auditable.
Add the full world of public transportation on your homepage
Generate more visits by offering the option to buy long distance trains and local public transport tickets on your platform: app or website. Offer users the full experience, from searching for connections, to comparing their options, and booking a ticket to travel like a local
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Track, Measure & Reduce
CO2 emissions

Nudge & reward your employees towards green mobility

Introduce a CO2 budget
to your mobility policy

Smart & flexible mobility for your company?

Want to discuss with us which possibilities suit your organization or platform? Drop us a message at and we’ll get in touch with you.

Why integrate our mobility solution?

Fast and easy to connect

Smart & flexible travel for employees

CO2 reduction for your organisation

Efficient travel expense management

Scaling up

our ambition is to go worldwide


office locations


countries where you can travel with Tranzer


cities - you can travel to with Tranzer


different operators are connected to Tranzer


different kinds of transport options to travel within Tranzer


kilometers of railroad to travel with Tranzer


new operators integrated into Tranzer in 2022

Get the best possible use of all mobility options!

We enable European door-to-door mobility

Tranzer connects and combines all public transport operators in Europe. Any platform or app can integrate the Tranzer technology to add plan, book and pay for public transport to their service. We are constantly adding operators and growing our offer.