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Shuttel is the all-in-one business mobility solution for multi-modal travel. The goal of the company is to improve user-friendliness of both the organization and the user. Customers only receive one invoice for all the mobility use and employees are flexible in the transport that they choose. This can be a car, a taxi or public transport, whatever suits the trip best.


Shuttle wants to expand its services and offers users the option of traveling by public transport without the need for a separate card. If employees travel now outside the Netherlands or book a trip to a European city, they can’t use the Shuttel card. The company credit card is often used or employees pay the expenses themselves and declare the invoice. This means more hassle and administration and it is not clear what amount is spent on mobility. 


Shuttel card holders can now easily plan, book, pay and travel via the Tranzer app. The tickets automatically appear in the app and are invoiced to the employer on the collective invoice.

Cardholders have more flexibility and freedom when planning and booking a trip. If travelling by car is not the best option, it can easily be used for public transport. Employers receive a collective invoice with an overview of the costs incurred for public transport, refueling, charging and parking.


Employers can give employees access to the extra service. The function becomes visible in the Shuttel portal and must be activated.  Shuttel has chosen to make mobile tickets available via the Tranzer app, an integration into their own app could also be an option. By downloading the Tranzer app, Shuttel card holders can plan and book a trip. Shuttel can be selected as a payment method in the app. In this way, business trips by public transport are included on the employee’s collective invoice.

Why integrate our mobility solution?

Accelerate product development

Expand your offer

Increase customer loyalty

Create stickiness for your customers

We planned to build everything ourselves. But working with good partners is much more efficient. That’s why we teamed up with Tranzer


Pieter van Brugge

IT Team manager bij Uber

We enable European door-to-door mobility

Tranzer connects and combines all public transport operators in Europe. Any platform or app can integrate the Tranzer technology to add plan, book and pay for public transport to their service. We are constantly adding operators and growing our offer.