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The Deutschlandticket has arrived – now available!

A monthly ticket for 49€ that allows you to use all local and regional transit in Germany, public transit could never be accessed more easily. The best part: The ticket can be obtained comfortably from the Tranzer API, just like a plethora of other services, and be seamlessly integrated into your own app.


The Deutschlandticket is the successor to the popular 9€ ticket and, just like the 9€ ticket, entitles you to use all local public transport throughout Germany. For 49€ per month, you can comfortably use all services in the German public transport system, including regional transport. The ticket can be used from the 1 May 2023 and is only available as a subscription, which can be cancelled monthly.

Tranzer API:
Tickets from over 100 transport companies throughout Europe can be made available to your users conveniently and easily directly in your app through the Tranzer API –  one contract, one integration, and your users can book offers from Palermo to Inverness!

If you are interested to add the €49 ticket to your service contact you business partner or leave us a message at 

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