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Tranzer achieves ISO 27001 certification

Tranzer is proud to announce that it has passed its ISO 27001 certification audit. For Tranzer’s customers and partners, information security and privacy is of extremely high importance. Obtaining the ISO 27001 certification demonstrates Tranzer’s commitment to information security management and also to its continuous improvement of products and services.

To become ISO 27001 certified, Tranzer, a Dutch based company, underwent an extensive company-wide audit by TUV. The audit included demonstrating Tranzer have identified the risks, assessed the implications and have implemented systemised controls to secure data. The auditor has identified zero shortcomings, which is considered an excellent result. To remain ISO 27001 certified, Tranzer will need to continuously improve its information security procedures going forward. ISO 27001 is widely considered as one of the most rigorous and well-regarded standards for information security in the world.

Tranzers CFO, Tom Krikke says: “I am extremely proud of our achievement. At Tranzer, we are always innovating. While this is inspiring and exciting, we also need to address the information security risks of such new activities. ISO 27001 has enabled us to systematically get a better understanding of the likelihood and impact of such risks, and helped us focus going forward.” He adds: “Being awarded the ISO certification means that our customers can have a high confidence that our products and services comply with the highest information security standards. A special well done and thanks for the hard work of my two colleagues Vincent Hollander and Edwin Barendse and also to Dirk Wisman from Onyx Cybersecurity without whom we would not have achieved this.”

About Tranzer
Trains, trams, buses, metro’s, taxi, and micro mobility, Tranzer makes it easy to buy tickets for public transport or book a shared bike, car, scooter or taxi. We combine all the different systems, ticket options, prices and validation methods of operators across Europe. To reach a multitude of customers we integrate our system into existing apps such as banking, booking platforms, route planners and fuel cards.

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