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Booking a train ticket in your dating app: a must-have or not?

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With the growing number of companies shifting to a mobile-first strategy, app-users have gotten used to increased levels of convenience and seamlessness. In this digital age, platforms know that the user experience is key and it can make or break a customer relationship… but what attention are they giving to the User Travel Experience?

The age of digital strategies

Recently, Tranzer researched the platform-market by discussing digital strategies with numerous companies. Evident in these conversations was the effort platforms put into understanding their customer through and through. The aim to be integrated along the entire customer journey has become the ultimate challenge.

Along the digitized customer journey, lines between different companies have become blurry. Booking a holiday is bundled with options such as local activities. And think of the last time you booked your flight: how many add-on options were suggested to you? Did you hire that car?

Today’s user experience is truly something else. And platforms know they should stay on top of it. 

Mobility Demand

As a digital mobility partner, Tranzer helps platforms improve their UX strategy. By offering seamless digital mobility services, platforms take away any hassle that affects the consumer experience when having to travel somewhere.

At the beginning of 2021, Tranzer conducted a market survey amongst end-users of different types of platforms. We asked people in which apps mobility services are a must-have and we must say we got some interesting results. 

Perhaps not surprisingly, apps such as travel-, accommodation- or flight booking apps scored very high. Not only did app-users think mobility services would improve their user experience on these platforms, more than 70% would even switch apps based on the mobility offer. 

What is probably more surprising, was the fact that over 50% of app-users also believe mobility services would improve their UX in dating apps. With a booming global dating-platform market, Tranzer sees great potential to integrate mobility for an improved user experience.

Mobility as a reason to switch bank apps

Another very interesting insight we gathered from our market research was that of banking app-users. We discovered that 1 out of every 4 customers would switch banking apps if they were offered Mobility Services by a different bank than their own. This means that by connecting Tranzer to your banking platform, you are able to retain up to 25% of your customers. 

With Tranzer, banks can also benefit from the level of sustainability that comes with our bundles Mobility Services. 75 percent of the customers we surveyed argued if a platform offers sustainable mobility services such as trains or vehicle sharing, it showed them the company is serious about their ESG efforts. And these efforts prove to be of high importance for banks when it comes to retaining and gaining customers: consulting firm Kearny found that 1 out of 4 customers would switch banks based on ESG efforts.

Our findings and those of Kearny show that banks looking to move beyond banking could greatly benefit from integrating mobility services to their platform.

What are users saying about your platform?

In total, we researched mobility preferences within 18 different consumer apps. Chances are that we included your platform in this list too! If you’re curious to get more insights or want to find out if Mobility Services could improve the UX of your app, then please reach out to us on any of our social media or send us an email at

Tranzer is the B2B mobility platform linking all mobility options to your app. Connect us to your app and provide your customers access to all forms of mobility: public transportation (metro, bus, train, trams…),
parking, charging, share mobility, taxis and micro mobility all over Europe.
Tranzer takes care of all technical complexity. Your customer only has to choose; the fastest, cheapest, most comfortable or greenest journey.

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