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It’s finally here: our very own company blog! We are so excited to have this new platform where we will be discussing all things tech, mobility, and innovation. The mobility sector is evolving rapidly and is creating new ways for travel and keeping our cities flowing. Tranzer finds itself in the midst of this space pushing forward new mobility development.

Tranzer started about five years ago as founders Paul Rooijmans and Sanneke Mulderink got frustrated over the fragmented travel industry. They envisioned a solution which enables people to travel anywhere by just using a single app on their mobile phone.

When I visit Spain, I want to be able to book a local train or bus just as easily as I would in my own country. I don’t want to be limited to rental cars or taxi’s.’’ – Paul Rooijmans 

Soon, this vision translated into a team that took on the challenge of transforming mobility. A solution that not only offers Mobility as a Service, but redefines what being mobile entails. It allows for people to go anywhere in just a few clicks and have the ultimate travel experience.

So how is Tranzer different from the many other travel solutions out there? Here are 3 key problems we are solving:


Buying tickets for a journey comes with its challenges. It’s easy to jump on your everyday train to work, but what if you want to visit your favourite festival? Or how about traveling around during your holiday abroad? Even in your normal day-to-day life, there might be days where it would make more sense to take a (shared) car instead of the usual train. 

These situations quickly change easy travel into complicated booking-processes. If you change your train to a shared car: you need another app. If you travel to your favourite festival: you don’t always know the best way to get there. When you’re on holiday; you probably have no clue which bus to jump on. Information and booking options are key, yet you don’t have easy access to these.

Digitizing Mobility

This is what Tranzer solves. No more paper tickets, no more out-of-order machines, and no more separate apps for different transportation modes. All hurdles that get in the way of your easy travel. Tranzer provides all the information and tickets you need to book any trip. And of course, the payment is made easy: we understand that one-click payment is the new standard. All the tickets you need are available in just one payment. No hassle. We told you we were serious about redefining mobility.

User Travel Experience (UTX)

We all know that in today’s world, user experience is key.  But what about the User Travel Experience? When booking a holiday or even planning an interview for your dream job, getting there can be a hassle. We believe this doesn’t have to be. 

Tranzer brings mobility to end-users, not the other way around. By bundling all different types of mobility services into one API, we can connect to any platform. This means that end-users can book all desired trips in their favourite app. 

With our API, the opportunities are endless. Any app can seamlessly integrate our solution into their app-flow. We allow platforms to brand the complete trip-booking process with their own name and style. An improved user experience for any app to increase user satisfaction and retention.

(A) green movement

The impact traditional travel has on the environment is huge and problematic. CO2 emissions are challenging the livelihoods of generations to come. This is why Tranzer wants to make responsible travel easy. We bring sustainable travel options to any consumer: shared cars, bikes or mopeds, international trains, and local public transport. Tranzer is really stirring up (a) green movement.

To even further support end-users in their green choices, we believe in providing transparency for every trip. For each journey, we show the environmental impact based on CO2 emission. App-users can decide if they want to go for the fastest, cleanest, and/-or easiest way to reach their destination. Don’t worry, most of the time, you get all three. 

So, you probably understand now that there is enough to talk about when it comes to mobility. Make sure to stay tuned for more articles about tech, mobility trends, start-up culture and more. To our developer community: we also have some in-depth tech articles coming your way.

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