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Tranzers vision on the impact of intermodal transport

Climate change is a global problem and therefore requires countries around the world to collaborate. In 2015 all of the EU members signed the Paris Climate Agreement and are strongly committed to its realization. As a result, all EU countries have agreed to make the European Union the first carbon-neutral economy and society by 2050. One of the most important industries which could make an enormous impact on achieving these goals is the transport industry.  Sharing vehicles and combining transport modes in an efficient way are key to reduce carbon emissions and ultimately move towards a more sustainable future. Moreover, the ability to book multiple ways of transport will improve the whole customer journey.  That is why we are seeing more and more platforms extending their range of services by offering train tickets. Unfortunately, the integration of these services remains complicated: the contract negotiation and legal discrepancy complicate the whole process and slow down the transition to an intermodal offer. 

At Tranzer, we believe that intermodal travel will play a crucial role in achieving Europe’s climate goals in the future. Our API can help platforms to offer long distance trains, local public transport, intercity buses and micro mobility in Europe. Tranzer can solve the “first and last mile” challenge  by offering the fastest, the cheapest and most efficient way to reach any destination in combination with  several means of transportation. With one contract, one integration and one API all platforms can offer a seamless experience to their customers.

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