The Deutschlandticket has arrived – now available!

A monthly ticket for 49€ that allows you to use all local and regional transit in Germany, public transit could never be accessed more easily. The best part: The ticket can be obtained comfortably from the Tranzer API, just like a plethora of other services, and be seamlessly integrated into your own app.


The Deutschlandticket is the successor to the popular 9€ ticket and, just like the 9€ ticket, entitles you to use all local public transport throughout Germany. For 49€ per month, you can comfortably use all services in the German public transport system, including regional transport. The ticket can be used from the 1 May 2023 and is only available as a subscription, which can be cancelled monthly.

Tranzer API:
Tickets from over 100 transport companies throughout Europe can be made available to your users conveniently and easily directly in your app through the Tranzer API –  one contract, one integration, and your users can book offers from Palermo to Inverness!

If you are interested to add the €49 ticket to your service contact you business partner or leave us a message at 

We are happy to announce that Dohop and Tranzer are joining forces to offer air to rail connectivity to airline passengers in Europe.  Dohop is an Icelandic technology provider developing innovative solutions in the field of aviation and travel. They enable airlines to broaden their networks and expand their offerings by connecting them with other airlines and ground transportation providers.  With this strategic partnership airlines will be able to offer multiple services to their customers with one single integration.

If you are interesting in the combination of Air and Rail please download our research and learn how you can integrate ground transportation to your service. You can find it on our special Airline Industry page.

Capital to grow! ROM Utrecht Region, Ponooc and BOM invest EUR 2.5 mln in Tranzer

We are glad to announce that we raised funding to further automate our platform and grow our company’s revenue. Our plans for growing are ambitious and this investment will help us to achieve our plans for expanding. Tranzer’s mission is to connect and combine all public transport operators in Europe and make their tickets available in any app of the customers choice. We show the best travel options on the spot and give insight into the effect of these options in terms of costs, time and co2 emission. 

Jeffrey Williams of ROM Utrecht Region: “Despite new infrastructure, congestion around urban areas is predicted to increase. Mobility-as-a-Service offers a solution to this by simplifying the use of public transport for travellers. With Tranzer’s advanced  platform and experienced management team, the Amersfoort-based company is well positioned to benefit from this trend. We are happy to support the company in this journey.”

Tranzer’s innovation makes it easier to arrange and pay for your public transport travel in any app, maybe already installed on your phone. Major carriers in the Netherlands and abroad such as NS, Connexxion, GVB, SNCF and Thalys already offer their tickets via the Tranzer service. And major parties such as OV9292  and Freenow already offer ‘Tranzer’ tickets to customers. 

About ROM Utrecht region
ROM Utrecht Region is a social investor that increases access to capital for innovative companies in the region of Utrecht. The ROM invests in the major transition sectors that are important for tomorrow’s economy: digital, health and sustainability. To realize the financing for these companies, the ROM cooperates with many partners inside and outside the region.

Tranzer B.V. signs a partnership with FREE NOW, first public transport operator available in FREE NOW app now



The leading European mobility aggregator Tranzer BV has signed a partnership with FREE NOW Europe super mobility app. As a first step, the cooperation enables FREE NOW users in the Rhein-Ruhr region, including large cities like Düsseldorf, Essen, and Dortmund to purchase single tickets, 24 hour and 48 day VRR tickets directly in the FREE NOWapp. In the following months, the partnership will be extended to other cities and countries in Europe.

Tranzer B.V. acts as a full-service aggregator by technically integrating ticketing for a variety of services – rail, bus, metro, and all other forms of public transit, and making all these available to end user platforms like FREE NOW through one easy API integration, while also taking care of the contractual commercial relationships and clearing & settlement to public transit operators on the one hand and end user platforms on the other. 

Partnering with FREE NOW reinforces Tranzer’s mission to make sustainable mobility available to anyone, anywhere, in any app. 

As a first step, this cooperation will enable FREE NOW’s more than 50 million users to access public transit in one of Germany’s most important metropolitan areas: with almost 1,100 lines, around 7.8 million inhabitants and an area of around 7,300 square kilometers, the VRR is the largest transport association serving one of Europe’s most populous conurbations i. More regions will follow shortly.

Alexander Mönch, General Manager FREE NOW Germany & Austria, says about the start of the cooperation;

We are pleased to take the next step in the development of our mobility services for FREE NOW users in Germany through our cooperation with Tranzer. Following the successful launch in North Rhine-Westphalia, we are confident that we will jointly implement further projects in Germany and beyond in the future. Tranzer’s convenient integration solution is particularly suitable for linking different mobility services in the best possible way. This makes urban mobility more sustainable, more intelligent and more connected.

Susanne Momberg, Board of Directors Finances Rheinbahn:

The cooperation with Tranzer allows us to quickly and smoothly integrate our tickets into a variety of end-user platforms, such as FREE NOW now. We want to make mobility easy, and the cooperation with Tranzer gives us the chance to offer our services to as many different end-users as possible without Rheinbahn having to worry about the technical integration or commercial contract negotiations every time.

Leila Laidani, Country director at Tranzer adds:

We are happy to count FREE NOW, the largest European mobility platform, among our partners and to provide their users with access to public transport tickets. In keeping with our philosophy of “any kind of green mobility, for everyone, anywhere, anytime,” millions of users can now immediately get access to tickets from Germany’s largest public transport association.  Further services are to follow shortly. This is another significant step in our mission to make sustainable mobility available as easily and conveniently as possible, thus doing our part in the green transport revolution.

About Tranzer:

Tranzer is the leading aggregator for ticketing in Europe. With just one API integration and one contract, any website or app can easily and comfortably offer its users  mobility anywhere. Tranzer was founded in 2018 in the Netherlands, now has offices in three countries and provides access to mobility services in many   major European countries. Its fast-growing portfolio includes long-distance trains, public local transport in more than 200 cities. More than 40 operators are accessible through the Tranzer API, in  12-15 big enduser platforms such as 9292 and Arriva’s  Glimblein the Netherlands and, most currently, FREE NOW in Germany, use the API to offer mobility services to their customers. 

For more information about Tranzer, visit


FREE NOW is the super mobility app with the largest vehicle selection in all of Europe. More than 56 million users in 16 markets and over 170 cities already choose from the largest range of  mobility options in just one app. By integrating different mobility brands and payment options, they can find the nearest cab, rental car with driver, car sharing or micromobility options such as e-scooters, e-mopeds and e-bikes within the FREE NOW app. The company thus bundles numerous mobility partners to make urban mobility more efficient and more sustainable without putting new vehicles on the road. The German company is part of the mobility joint venture between the BMW Group and Mercedes-Benz Mobility. In total, FREE NOW employs around 1,850 people in more than 26 offices worldwide. CEO of FREE NOW is Thomas Zimmermann. For more information about FREE NOW, please visit our website. The FREE NOW app is free available for download for iOS or Android users.

About Rheinbahn:

Rheinbahn is the local transport company for Düsseldorf, the district of Mettmann and the Rhine district of Neuss and has stood for flexibility and mobility for over 125 years. On weekdays around 550,000 people use Rheinbahn vehicles on 136 lines in a catchment area covering 570 square kilometers. Its buses and trains make around 1,670 stops, circling the globe about three times a day – quickly and in an environmentally friendly manner. Every year, around 165 million passengers travel on Rheinbahn’s 208 light rail vehicles, 98 streetcars and 475 buses. It employs around 3,370 people from 51 nations, making it one of the largest employers in the region largest employers in the region. Digital services, from the app to the ticket on the smartphone to real-time departure times on the dynamic display boards at the stops, ensure customer-friendly information and easy mobility – because Rheinbahn is simply always there.

Press contacts:


Nikki Lagerweij

Marketing & Communications


Annika Bödefeld 

Press Officer 


Marius Rechenbach

PR Lead Germany

Christoph Weferling  

Austria PR Manager Germany/Austria

Mobilexpense sluit partnership met Tranzer Mobility

Mobilexpense, een toonaangevende leverancier van software voor het beheer van declaraties, kondigt vandaag de beschikbaarheid aan van een interface tussen de twee platforms om bedrijven te helpen om alle uitgaven omtrent mobiliteit automatisch met hun declaratie app te synchroniseren.

De interface tussen Tranzer en de Mobilexpense Declaree applicatie stelt bedrijven in staat om de gehele Tranzer mobiliteitsoplossing aan hun werknemers aan te bieden, terwijl ze er tegelijk voor zorgen dat alle uitgaven worden verantwoord in de Declaree app.

De COVID-19-pandemie heeft in een rap tempo verandert hoe en waar mensen werken, en daarmee ook de manier waarop mensen zich verplaatsen. Daarnaast zorgt een toenemend klimaatbewustzijn ervoor dat velen bewust willen kiezen voor milieuvriendelijke vervoersmiddelen. Bedrijven die werknemers van oudsher een vaste reiskostenvergoeding, leaseauto of treinabonnement zouden aanbieden, denken nu na over mobiliteitsconcepten waarmee werknemers zich flexibel kunnen verplaatsen en welke vervoersmiddelen ze daarvoor kunnen kiezen. Tegelijkertijd willen bedrijven grip houden op de kosten van mobiliteit en eveneens rapporteren over de bijbehorende CO2-uitstoot, zowel intern als extern.

Met de Tranzer mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) app kunnen medewerkers hun eigen vervoermiddel kiezen. Of het nu een trein, bus, tram of scooter is, medewerkers kunnen elke zakenreis direct plannen en betalen, ongeacht het vervoermiddel dat ze moeten gebruiken. Bovendien biedt Tranzer toegang tot mobiliteit in vele Europese landen. Alle benodigde tickets zijn direct beschikbaar in de app. Dankzij de synchronisatie tussen Tranzer en Mobilexpense Declaree kunnen werknemers de ontvangen facturen automatisch doorsturen naar de Declaree app, zodat alle mobiliteitsuitgaven worden vastgelegd en verantwoord in hun zakelijke expense management software.

De samenwerking tussen Mobilexpense en Tranzer stelt organisaties in staat om hun werknemers de flexibiliteit te bieden die nodig is voor slimme en milieuvriendelijke mobiliteit, terwijl ze grip en controle houden over de uitgaven van werknemers.

Meer info over deze integratie?

Quote CEO Mobilexpense, Thibaud de Keyzer:

Naarmate het bewustzijn van milieu-impact en duurzaamheid groeit, passen veel bedrijven strategieën voor koolstofreductie toe en bevorderen ze groene mobiliteit onder hun werknemers. We zien een trend van minder autobezit en meer autodelen, minder leaseauto’s en meer mobiliteitsbudgetten. Deze integratie tussen Tranzer en Mobilexpense Declaree maakt het voor werknemers ongelooflijk eenvoudig om duurzame vervoerswijzen te kiezen en ondersteunt daarmee duidelijk de weg van ons en onze klanten naar groenere mobiliteit.

Quote CEO Tranzer, Paul Rooijmans:

Het post-covid-tijdperk vraagt ​​om nieuwe en flexibelere mobiliteitsoplossingen voor werknemers. Samen met onze partner Mobilexpense zorgen wij voor een unieke oplossing van duurzame deur-tot-deur mobiliteit voor zakelijk reizen waarbij kosten in één klik gedeclareerd kunnen worden.

De integratie is vanaf vandaag publiekelijk beschikbaar via Mobilexpense.

Wat is MaaS?

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is het concept voor het eenvoudig en gepersonaliseerd plannen, boeken en betalen van een individuele reis. Niet alleen met het traditionele openbaar vervoer, maar ook met vormen van gedeelde mobiliteit. Dit past in de huidige tijd waarin keuzevrijheid belangrijker is dan bezit en waarin jongeren steeds vaker te laat (of helemaal niet) een rijbewijs halen en vervoermiddelen liever delen dan zelf te bezitten. MaaS is de volgende stap in deze ontwikkeling. MaaS maakt het mogelijk om op een andere manier naar mobiliteit te kijken en biedt mensen de mogelijkheid om eenvoudig te kiezen tussen verschillende vormen van vervoer die passen bij hun wensen op dat moment (fiets, (deel)auto, bus, trein, vliegen).

Wat is Tranzer

Tranzer is een MaaS provider (scaleup) uit Nederland, die allerlei (openbaar) vervoersmogelijkheden en parkeren integreert en toegankelijk maakt voor gebruikers. Met Tranzer is het mogelijk om reizen per trein, tram, bus en ook taxi en andere mobiliteitsoplossingen zoals e-scooters en e-steps of parkeren via een app op uw smartphone te plannen en te betalen, zonder dat u een OV-chipkaart nodig heeft. Met Tranzer kun je in één keer je hele reis in-app plannen en kopen, ook als je verschillende vervoerders gebruikt. Zowel in de trein, bus en tram als aan de toegangspoorten op de stations worden mobiele tickets geaccepteerd. Tickets worden direct in je telefoon geleverd.

Wat is Mobilexpense Declaree

Mobilexpense Declaree is een online Expense Management-systeem dat werknemers een native smartphone-app biedt om alle uitgaven onderweg te digitaliseren. Werknemers kunnen bonnen, kilometers, dagvergoedingen, creditcardtransacties en alle andere terugbetaalbare vergoedingen digitaliseren, in plaats van maandelijkse onkostenformulieren in Excel of op papier in te vullen. Declaree slaat alle bonnen veilig online op waar managers alle onkostenformulieren kunnen bekijken en goedkeuren. Na goedkeuring worden alle onkosten digitaal verwerkt en correct gecodeerd in uw ERP/Financiën/Salarissysteem.

Mobilexpense partners with Tranzer Mobility

Mobilexpense, a leading provider of employee expense management software, today announces the availability of an interface between the two platforms to help companies streamline employee mobility spend automatically into their expense solution.

The interface between Tranzer and the Mobilexpense Declaree environment allows companies to offer the full Tranzer mobility suite to their employees, while at the same time ensuring all spend is captured and justified in Mobilexpense Declaree.

The COVID-19 pandemic rapidly changed how and where people work, and with that the way in which people move around. At the same time, an increased awareness of climate makes people want to choose for more environmentally friendly means of transport. Companies that would traditionally offer employees a fixed commute allowance, lease-car or railway season ticket, are now considering mobility concepts that allow employees to be flexible in how they move around and which modes of transport they choose for that. At the same time, companies want to stay in control of the cost of mobility and report on CO2 emissions, both internally as externally. 

With the Tranzer mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) app, employees can choose their own mode of transportation. Whether it’s a train, bus, tram or scooter, employees can plan and pay for each business trip instantly, regardless of the means of transportation they need to use. Moreover, Tranzer provides access to mobility in many European countries. All necessary tickets are instantly available in the app. The synchronization between Tranzer and Mobilexpense Declaree allows employees to forward invoice automatically into the Declaree app, ensuring all mobility spend is captured and justified in the business expense management solution.

The partnership between Mobilexpense and Tranzer enables companies to offer their employees the flexibility required in smart and environmentally friendly mobility, while keeping the grip and control over employee spend.

More information about this integration?

CEO Mobilexpense, Thibaud de Keyzer:

As the awareness of environmental impact and sustainability grows, many companies are adopting carbon reduction strategies and promoting green mobility among their employees. We see a trend of less car ownership and increased car-sharing, less lease-cars and increased mobility budgets. This integration between Tranzer and Mobilexpense Declaree makes it incredibly easy for employees to choose sustainable modes of transport, and thereby clearly supports our and our clients path to greener mobility.

CEO Tranzer, Paul Rooijmans:

The post-covid era demands new and more flexible mobility solutions for employees. Together with our partner Mobilexpense we provide a unique solution of sustainable door-to-door mobility for business travel where expenses can be claimed in one click. 

The integration is publicly available as of today from Mobilexpense.

What is MaaS?

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is the concept for easy and personalized planning, booking and payment of an individual trip. Not only with traditional public transport, but also with forms of shared mobility. This fits in with the current time in which freedom of choice is more important than possession and in which young people are increasingly late (or not at all) getting a driver’s license and prefer to share means of transport rather than owning it themselves. MaaS is the next step in this development. MaaS makes it possible to look at mobility in a different way and offers people the opportunity to easily choose between different forms of transport that match their wishes at that moment (bicycle, (shared) car, bus, train, flying).

What is Tranzer

Tranzer is a MaaS provider (scaleup) from The Netherlands, that integrates all kinds of (public) transport options as well as parking and make those accessible for users. With Tranzer it is possible to plan and pay your travel by train, tram, bus and also taxi and other mobility solutions like e-scooters and e-steps or parking via an app on your smartphone, without the necessity of having an OV chip card. With Tranzer you can plan and buy your entire trip in-app at once, even when you use different carriers. Both in the train, bus and tram, as well as at the entrance gates at the stations, mobile tickets are accepted. Tickets are delivered straight to your phone.

What is Mobilexpense Declaree

Mobilexpense Declaree is an online Expense Management system that offers a native smartphone app to employees to digitize all expenses on the go. Employees can digitize receipts, mileage, daily allowances, credit card transactions and all other reimbursable fees, instead of filling out monthly expense forms in Excel or on paper. Declaree stores all receipts securely online where managers can review and approve all expense forms. After approval all expenses are digitally processed and correctly coded into your ERP/Finance/Salary system.

New partnership with Helsinki region operator HSL

We’re happy to announce our newest partnership with Finnish operator HSL Helsingin seudun liikenne.
By integrating HSL, our connected platforms can now offer their users tickets for bus, tram, metro, train, and ferry in the Helsinki region.

The partnership with HSL supports Tranzer in the extension of available tickets within Europe, allowing users to now also travel fully digitally in Finland.

New management structure Tranzer

Tranzer is pleased to announce the following changes to the management structure effective Jul 1, 2022.  The next growth stage of the company requires a renewed leadership team with full involvement of the founders; Sanneke Mulderink and Paul Rooijmans. In anticipation of these changes, Eric van Eijndhoven, Tranzers COO, will move to a more strategic role as a member of the advisory board on July 1st 2022. 

Eric van Eijndhoven remarked “It has been a great adventure to help Tranzer grow into an established European b2b ticketing platform for mobility, ready for the next stage. I am very pleased to become a member of the advisory board of Tranzer and I will therefore stay actively involved.  As Tranzer was created by the insight and innovative thinking of its founders, I am convinced they will be best positioned to accelerate Tranzers further growth.” 

Paul Rooijmans adds “We would like to express our gratitude to Eric for his contribution to the success of Tranzer. His knowledge of the industry, leadership and mentorship to the Tranzer team, has been invaluable. He managed to create a strong market position, build a strong team, and set up a clear company structure and processes.  Therefore we are very pleased that Eric will continue to serve on a part time basis as an advisor and mentor to our management team.“

Tranzers vision on the impact of intermodal transport

Climate change is a global problem and therefore requires countries around the world to collaborate. In 2015 all of the EU members signed the Paris Climate Agreement and are strongly committed to its realization. As a result, all EU countries have agreed to make the European Union the first carbon-neutral economy and society by 2050. One of the most important industries which could make an enormous impact on achieving these goals is the transport industry.  Sharing vehicles and combining transport modes in an efficient way are key to reduce carbon emissions and ultimately move towards a more sustainable future. Moreover, the ability to book multiple ways of transport will improve the whole customer journey.  That is why we are seeing more and more platforms extending their range of services by offering train tickets. Unfortunately, the integration of these services remains complicated: the contract negotiation and legal discrepancy complicate the whole process and slow down the transition to an intermodal offer. 

At Tranzer, we believe that intermodal travel will play a crucial role in achieving Europe’s climate goals in the future. Our API can help platforms to offer long distance trains, local public transport, intercity buses and micro mobility in Europe. Tranzer can solve the “first and last mile” challenge  by offering the fastest, the cheapest and most efficient way to reach any destination in combination with  several means of transportation. With one contract, one integration and one API all platforms can offer a seamless experience to their customers.

Tranzer now offering Deutsche Bahn tickets

Tranzer are delighted to announce the signing of a General Sales Agent agreement with Deutsche Bahn AG. 

The partnership with Tranzer as a young, innovative company with ambitious plans and rapid growth is promising to pave the way for tomorrow’s mobility. The possibility of offering DB tickets to an even wider audience supports our ambition to change travel behavior and allows the customers to travel in a climate-friendly manner.” explains Alexander Mokros, Head of International Partnerships & Industry Partners at Deutsche Bahn. 

Being able to offer Deutsche Bahn tickets is a big step for us in our mission to bring sustainable mobility to anyone, anywhere, in any app. Deutsche Bahn is the biggest transport company in Europe, and we are proud to be their partner, and happy to be able to offer our clients’ users access to their tickets all over Germany”, adds the Country Director DACH at Tranzer, Dr. Julia Koch. 

As of now, flexible single trip tickets (DB Flexpreis) for all connections within Germany are available through Tranzer including all DB long-distance connections (high-speed and intercity trains) and numerous regional routes. Discounted tickets and a wider range of products are coming soon. 

About the Deutsche Bahn
Deutsche Bahn is Germany’s major railway company and also a global provider of transport and logistics services. The company’s main business area is national and international passenger transport: DB runs about 24,200 passenger trains daily on its approximately 33,300 kilometer-long, modern rail network. The fleet of ICE high-speed trains consists of more than 300 trains. With 220 direct connections to 150 foreign cities, Deutsche Bahn can be considered not only as a national rail carrier, but also as an international service provider. 

Further information is available on the website: