French railway tickets now sold through Tranzer

Tickets from the French national rail service SNCF, including France’s rail and high-speed network are now available in the Tranzer portofolio. 

Tranzer offers SNCF tickets for faster, easier and cleaner mobility across France. We enable customers to organize, book and manage day-to-day trips as well as long-distance trips and combine various different types of tickets for one journey. 

“Offering access to the rail network in the whole of France is a big step for Tranzer on our mission to enable users to buy tickets for sustainable mobility anywhere, anytime on their mobile phone. SNCF has a highly extensive rail network, including the TGV high speed trains connecting the important geographic areas and cities. Distances can be easily bridged by the daily offer of 15.000 commercial trains run by SNCF. It’s a great addition to our current Tranzer offer in other parts of Europe”,  adds the Country Director France at Tranzer, Lorcan LEPEN. 

As of now, full price single trip tickets for rail connections within France are available through Tranzer, discounted tickets and a wider range of products are coming soon.

Tranzer now covering Switzerland

Zermatt, Switzerland

Tickets for all Swiss public transit are now available in the Tranzer portfolio.

“The public transit network in Switzerland is very dense and complex. Thanks to our API and the cooperation with Tranzer, mobility platforms get fast and easy access to Swiss public transit within a short time. With this, we do our part to make mobility in Switzerland even more sustainable”, explains Rino Schmid, Key Account Manager at SBB.

“Offering access to all modes of public transport in the whole of Switzerland is a big step for Tranzer on our mission to enable users to buy tickets for sustainable mobility anywhere, in any app of their choice. Switzerland has a very well-developed network of public transit and we are happy to offer our partners the possibility to grant their users access to this”, adds the Country Director DACH at Tranzer, Dr. Julia Koch. 

As of now, full price single trip tickets for all connections within Switzerland are available through Tranzer, discounted tickets and a wider range of products are coming soon. 

About the SBB
SBB is the backbone of the Swiss public transport system, and day-to-day rail operations are the basis of what we do. SBB has been transporting people and freight for more than 100 years. By doing so, we are making an important contribution to the quality of life and competitiveness in Switzerland. We want to continue this success story, even in times when the entire economy and society, including the mobility industry, are undergoing profound changes. We will therefore continue to fulfill our responsibility towards public transport and Switzerland in future.

Vision and Strategy | SBB

Tranzer joins growing marketplace

Ghent/Amersfoort, November 23, 2021 – IAM vendor TrustBuilder and mobility provider Tranzer have formed a strategic partnership. Companies using the TrustBuilder Service Catalog can now seamlessly connect to Tranzer to offer their customers a broad choice of mobility solutions. Adding Tranzer as a service provider is an important step for TrustBuilder in building out its marketplace strategy.

Tranzer is a ticketing aggregator, making it possible to plan, book and pay for mobility in any consumer app. Via one key, Tranzer offers public transport, shared cars, scooters, micro-mobility and parking. Tranzer aims at making mobility easy, enabling the best option for both the traveler and the planet. Tranzer’s functionality can be used in the consumer apps of travel operators, banks, Mobility-as-a-Service providers, hospitality platforms, fuel and mobility cards, etc. Organizations that use APIs to integrate Tranzer into their app, can offer their customers more service and a better experience.

TrustBuilder goes beyond traditional Identity and Access Management (IAM) by making it as easy as possible for companies to integrate applications and Identity Providers (IdPs) into their applications architecture. By using and its Service Catalog, organizations can deploy applications and IdPs in a secure, fast and reliable way. New applications are activated with an easy-to-use wizard. Acting as an ‘ecosystem-as-a-service’, the Service Catalog saves organizations both time and effort and allows them to bring new applications to the market before their competitors do.

“Using to integrate third-party applications makes life easy on organizations that are building an ecosystem of services”, says TrustBuilder CEO Frank Hamerlinck. “They don’t need to set up point-to-point connectivity to each individual application, TrustBuilder takes care of that. We are thrilled that Tranzer now joins our marketplace, as mobility services are a key part of the ecosystems that our customers in HR Services and retail banking are developing.”

“Our partnership with TrustBuilder will broaden Tranzer’s reach in Belgium and other European countries”, says Paul Rooijmans, co-founder of Tranzer. “We are glad that we can extend the ease-of-use mobility that we already offer to consumers and operators to the companies that will integrate our solution into their apps. With the integration by TrustBuilder, we can focus on adding more European operators to the Tranzer platform.”

TrustBuilder customers can already add Tranzer to their apps. TrustBuilder is continually adding extra services to its Service Catalog. Thanks to a recent grant from the Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship Agency (VLAIO), TrustBuilder can speed up the further development of its marketplace of services.

About TrustBuilder Corporation
At TrustBuilder, we’re taking Identity and Access Management (IAM) to the next level. We integrate smart, smooth and secure ecosystems for enterprises combining frictionless customer experience with best-in-class security. Our unique IAM platform is fueled by ultimate flexibility, thanks to a powerful orchestration engine, a flexible development platform and an extensive number of built-in connectors. As a result, our customers can play by their own rules.



Twitter: @trustbuilder

Event calendar Tranzer – Where can you find us in November?

Events in November 2021:

Web Summit Lisbon (1-4 November); The Web Summit is one of the biggest tech conferences in the world and the place to be to get up to speed with what’s happening in tech. If you are around, come and visit our booth on the 2nd of November (B423) or catch up with Sanneke Mulderink-ScholtenLeila Laidani and Bas Zwart.

MOVE Londen (9-11 November); We are proud to Silver sponsor of MOVE. MOVE will bring together disruptors, their technology and their attitude with stakeholders across all modes and disciplines: to dialogue, to create insight and to promote collaboration. Paul Rooijmans is speaking on the second day of the conference (2:30 PM) about ‘ Imminent opportunities for improving mobility payment systems’

MaaS Congres Belgium (7 December); Nikki Lagerweij, Product Specialist at Tranzer will share some interesting eye openers and findings of the study for which she interviewed major European players in various industries.

Tranzer webinar – Enhancing Customer Experience by Deploying an Ecosystem of Innovative Services

”Enhancing Customer Experience by Deploying an Ecosystem of Innovative Services”

To improve interaction with customers, partnerships are an important element for all businesses – no matter the industry. This webinar helps you to enhance the customer experience by deploying an ecosystem of innovative services.

If you want to find out more about differentiated partnerships of major players in Germany and France as well as the results of a study on the need to include extra services in popular consumer apps; join the webinar!

You can sign up here:

VRR tickets are now available via Tranzer!

Tickets for all modes of public transit from VRR 🇩🇪 (Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr) are now available via Tranzer.

The VRR is one of the biggest Verkehrsverbünde in Europe, covering an area with 7.8 million inhabitants. It includes Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Essen, most of the Ruhr region and neighbouring parts of the Lower Rhine region.

👀 Keep an eye out on our updates because more exciting news is coming soon! 👀

Tranzer achieves ISO 27001 certification

Tranzer is proud to announce that it has passed its ISO 27001 certification audit. For Tranzer’s customers and partners, information security and privacy is of extremely high importance. Obtaining the ISO 27001 certification demonstrates Tranzer’s commitment to information security management and also to its continuous improvement of products and services.

To become ISO 27001 certified, Tranzer, a Dutch based company, underwent an extensive company-wide audit by TUV. The audit included demonstrating Tranzer have identified the risks, assessed the implications and have implemented systemised controls to secure data. The auditor has identified zero shortcomings, which is considered an excellent result. To remain ISO 27001 certified, Tranzer will need to continuously improve its information security procedures going forward. ISO 27001 is widely considered as one of the most rigorous and well-regarded standards for information security in the world.

Tranzers CFO, Tom Krikke says: “I am extremely proud of our achievement. At Tranzer, we are always innovating. While this is inspiring and exciting, we also need to address the information security risks of such new activities. ISO 27001 has enabled us to systematically get a better understanding of the likelihood and impact of such risks, and helped us focus going forward.” He adds: “Being awarded the ISO certification means that our customers can have a high confidence that our products and services comply with the highest information security standards. A special well done and thanks for the hard work of my two colleagues Vincent Hollander and Edwin Barendse and also to Dirk Wisman from Onyx Cybersecurity without whom we would not have achieved this.”

About Tranzer
Trains, trams, buses, metro’s, taxi, and micro mobility, Tranzer makes it easy to buy tickets for public transport or book a shared bike, car, scooter or taxi. We combine all the different systems, ticket options, prices and validation methods of operators across Europe. To reach a multitude of customers we integrate our system into existing apps such as banking, booking platforms, route planners and fuel cards.

Soon available: EMV



Last week the (Dutch) city of Lelystad started with a pilot to check in and out on the bus with your mobile phone or debit card. This contactless payment method is called EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa) and this is being used in London’s public transport system for a long time. Our ambition is to support all methods of validating tickets and create a seamless customer experience for all mobility options. We are already testing with EMV and soon it will be available at Tranzer! Check out the video to find out how EMV works in our app.


Kontiki members!

We are proud to be the newest members of Kontiki e. V.

Kontiki is the biggest German network for smart ticketing that enables a comprehensive view on current topics in public transport and mobility. By helping their members exchange knowledge and experiences in new technologies and their applications they stimulate innovation in the public transit sector.

We are happy to be on board!