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90's games, foosball, skiing, team activities and saving the world at the same time. You are probably smart enough to understand a company car is not an option.

Sanneke Mulderink

Co. Founder

I am Sanneke and one of the two founders of Tranzer. I am inspired by growth in a natural way. I like to create new opportunities in a branch. At Tranzer we do this by investing in the growth of people and sincere contact with our partners. These core values are the driving force behind our continuous innovation and high performance.

Paul Rooijmans

Co. Founder

I am Paul and one of the two founders of Tranzer. I am inspired by traveling and I like to be immersed in different cultures. As a result, I experience how things in life can be perceived in a different way. Looking from different angles helps me to keep a fresh and pragmatic view on life, with a Dutch creative twist.

Emmy Willemsen

Project manager

I am Emmy and I have been working at Tranzer since 2014. Meeting people, listening to their ideas and the freedom of getting things done inspire me! Going out into nature, visiting the water or visiting places helps me to escape the daily worries and to experience the full freedom I need to perform.

Berend Schotanus

Back-End Developer

I’m Berend. My passion is building systems that work. It starts with understanding what the system is about. Not just in the technical field, the world behind it is just as important. For me, creating structured, usable and sustainable code feels like art. My goal is happy users who can easily achieve their tasks with a smile on their face more often.

Vincent Hollander

Back-End Developer

I am Vincent. From November 2016 I am part of the Tranzer team. I am constantly looking for broadening my personal and professional horizons. At Tranzer I get the chance to do exactly that! I take on the challenge to expand my software and data science skills. When I’m not working, I’m changing diapers, squashing, running or refurbishing old English cars.

Sam Huizeling

Front-End Developer

I am Sam and I have been working at Tranzer since September 2016. I always try to design solutions and designs for the users and their goals. Using this mindset while you learn something new about coding makes this job great, every day. One of my passions is sport. As in most sports, teamwork is essential to achieve peak performance. At Tranzer I found my place in a great team.

Jasper Hoving

Front-End Developer

I’m Jasper. Almost everything about new technology triggers my curiosity and drives me to understand this as well as possible. Working as a developer in a small team offers the possibility to write code with a direct impact and at the same time have a lot of fun! Oh, and I love to discover new places and at home I like to play on the guitar.

Edwin Barendse

Back-End Developer

Tranzer has been my challenge since February 2018. Overview and details are the things I like to switch between. With a team where respect, sincerity, trust and fun are a given, makes my work even more enjoyable. With a head full of mini-projects, I like to assemble some things or try something new in my spare time.

Pepijn Mulders

Head of growth

I’m Pepijn, after running my own e-commerce startup for two years I’m back at Tranzer. Getting tons of work done in a small team and maintaining focus to do only what is needed, that is what I like. The process of solving a customers problem is what I love doing most, kill hypothesis by simply talking to the customers.

Steve Galili

Front-End Developer

I'm Steve. I enjoy solving problems with code and thereby simplifying someone's life.
I like to keep abreast of new technologies and I am happiest when I'm busy improving my skills.
Smart technology and gadgets fascinate me and I enjoy experimenting with them.
In my free time I like to travel, skateboard and am a big 90's enthusiast.

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